Protect women's private parts, care for women's flower room!

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We all know we need to wash our clothes when they're dirty, our hair when they're dirty, our bodies when they're dirty, but have you ever thought about your private parts when they're dirty, have you ever washed them?

All the organs in the body have problems in the face, gynecology is the same, reproductive organs are your roots, your face is like a flower, when your roots appear inflammation, accumulation of a pile of toxins, so your flower color can look good?

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The most dangerous is indolence, you can't detect, don't take it seriously, accumulate over time, you never care about it, so you think it can treat you well. Private part and face are equally important, need your care and attention, the face does not pay attention to maintenance, you are at most full of wrinkles, private part does not pay attention to maintenance, that will cause a variety of gynecological diseases, gynecological tumor...... Seriously affect your quality of life, even life-threatening!

What causes toxins to build up?

A, menstrual

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From the beginning of a woman's first period, like milk as viscous menstruation will flow not clean, there is a part of the attachment to the wall of the uterus, over time it will become as black as cinders;

Second, abortion and c-section

Abortion or curettage, medicine flow, just give out the small embryo, attached to the uterine wall placenta tissue is not clean, as the next time menstruation menstrual cramps, shedding of endometrium, the placenta can row to the womb, and other waste toxins together, gradually gathered into balls, fish bubble, dumpling shape becomes multiple uterine fibroids. More than 90 percent of women who have a c-section will develop pelvic inflammatory disease or appendicitis. After immunity drops, fungus infection also can get department of gynaecology pelvic inflammatory disease.

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Pregnancy and delivery

When a woman is pregnant, the uterus expands like a balloon; After giving birth to a child, the uterus contractions, the belly retracts in place, at the same time also forms many folds the place, hides the filth.

Iv. Natural decline of uterine and ovarian function

Is menstrual endometrial loss, broken capillaries, period of fancy, uterine function after down, fall off lining is not complete, still haven't finished off this month, next month again, over time will cause endometrial thickening, causing the greatest harm to women's menopause, menstruation to be not come, menstruation is the symbol of our women's health, its disturbance on behalf of the women's health and unhealthy.

5. Sex

A man ejaculates two to three hundred million at a time, about one percent of which reaches the uterus. Only two to three hundred of them reach the fallopian tube. What is left is left unexcreted, which over time forms the biggest waste toxin in the vagina.

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Scientific research found that: girls with reproductive system diseases are rare, and adult women on the contrary, at the same time with gynecological diseases is the increase in chloasma, pigment, wrinkles, rough skin, wrinkles and other phenomena. Why the difference? Anatomy shows that: women after birth, due to the uterus and vagina bloated after retraction, make uterine and vaginal walls are no longer a girl was smooth state, but was full of fold and fossae, is female metabolism in the body, such as menstrual residual blood residue easily place, became the reproduction of bacteria and viruses, the female produces a variety of reproductive diseases.

If you don't wash your body for three days, it smells! And their private parts, decades have not washed a "bath", long-term deposition of toxins and garbage, causing uterine fibroids, uterine cancer and other major diseases, serious harm to women's health.